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  • 3 tests were fixed
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The following 213 tests have passed: 3 tests were fixed since the last build.

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Fixed tests 3
Status Test Duration
Successful BSMAdminIT testCanEditPersistedAttribute History
28 secs
Successful ChooseResourcesPageIT verifyGraphAll History
21 secs
Successful OpsBoardAdminPageIT canCreateAndUseDeepLink History
27 secs
All successful tests
Status Test Duration
Successful ClassificationRulePageIT verifySettingsTab History
42 secs
Successful ClassificationRulePageIT verifySrcValues History
30 secs
Successful ClassificationRulePageIT verifyTabs History
29 secs
Successful DatabaseReportBatchIT testDeliver History
22 secs
Successful DatabaseReportBatchIT testSchedule History
25 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[0] History
30 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[10] History
23 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[11] History
23 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[12] History
23 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[1] History
24 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[2] History
23 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[3] History
23 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[4] History
23 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[5] History
23 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[6] History
23 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[7] History
23 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[8] History
23 secs
Successful DatabaseReportIT verifyReportExecution[9] History
23 secs
Successful EditInRequisitionIT testIfNotRequisition History
19 secs
Successful EditInRequisitionIT testIfPending History
23 secs
Successful ErrorResponseIT verifyErrorResponseV1 History
13 secs
Successful ErrorResponseIT verifyErrorResponseV2 History
11 secs
Successful EventSinkIT testEventSinkWithKafka History
5 secs
Successful EventsPageIT testAdvancedSearch History
16 secs
Successful EventsPageIT testLinksAndForms History
12 secs
Successful EventsPageIT testNodeIdNotFoundPage History
12 secs
Successful FocusedVertexIT testEqualsAndHashCode History
< 1 sec
Successful FooterIT verifyDisplayVersionForLoggedInUser History
15 secs
Successful FooterIT verifyDoNotDisplayVersionForAnonymous History
12 secs
Successful ForecastIT canLoadGraph History
15 secs
Successful HelpPageIT verifyAllButtonsPresent History
15 secs
Successful IndexPageIT canRenderSearchBoxes History
12 secs
Successful IndexPageIT verifyStatusMap History
2 mins
Successful InstrumentationLogReaderPageIT testInstrumentationLogReaderPage History
18 secs
Successful InstrumentationLogReaderPageIT testSortingLinks History
14 secs
Successful IntegrationAPIIT canLoadSampleProject History
10 secs
Successful InterfacesOnNodePageIT testNodePage History
15 secs
Successful JmxConfigurationGeneratorIT testClickOnHeaderLinkWorks History
17 secs
Successful JmxConfigurationGeneratorIT testNavigation History
26 secs
Successful JmxConfigurationGeneratorIT verifyCompMemberSelection History
24 secs
Successful KSCEditorIT testKSCReports History
53 secs
Successful KafkaPersisterIT testKafkaPersisterForMetrics History
50 secs
Successful KafkaProducerIT testKafkaAlarmStoreData History
22 secs
Successful KafkaProducerIT testKafkaPersisterForMetrics History
47 secs
Successful MenuHeaderIT testMenuEntries History
36 secs
Successful NRTGraphIT canLoadGraph History
14 secs
Successful NodeDetailPageIT canUseViewInTopology History
25 secs
Successful NodeListPageIT testAllLinks History
18 secs
Successful NodeListPageIT testAllTextIsPresent History
14 secs
Successful NodeListPageIT testAvailableLocations History
15 secs
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