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Jesse White Jesse White c92d7e8c2b7f541272c7605cc1b8fd1c6c9eb4f6 c92d7e8c2b7f541272c7605cc1b8fd1c6c9eb4f6 Merge pull request #1943 from OpenNMS/features/newts-patches-f16
NMS-9959: NMS-9946: NMS-9961: Newts patches for foundation-2016
Jesse White Jesse White 74b3193e7d082dedf285845f9f4781c2ba42926f m 74b3193e7d082dedf285845f9f4781c2ba42926f NMS-9961: Allow resource ids to differ by whitespace.
Jesse White Jesse White 60aebedb4c80a25f05bc80c594582ccf63c8280f m 60aebedb4c80a25f05bc80c594582ccf63c8280f NMS-9946: Upgrade Backshift to improve rendering of StrafePing graphs.
Jesse White Jesse White fb3841c3c608314eabd169cea727c9559e28f3ff m fb3841c3c608314eabd169cea727c9559e28f3ff NMS-9959: Bump Newts up to 1.5.0
Jesse White Jesse White aae9e92b22f5c5fa67a5fb770acf7e8ad7d83add m aae9e92b22f5c5fa67a5fb770acf7e8ad7d83add NMS-9946: Expose the metric names instead of the attribute names for response time resources.

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