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  • Jesse White

    Jesse White 2f3a985377db43ce9b451390b9744bac402ffbd7

    Reset the permissions after copying the overlays.

    • docker/minion/scripts/ (version 2f3a985377db43ce9b451390b9744bac402ffbd7)
    • docker/sentinel/scripts/ (version 2f3a985377db43ce9b451390b9744bac402ffbd7)
  • Markus von Rüden

    Markus von Rüden bf421a0cca7d9068e45d2c6e42c4fddd4245b1fb

    Only replace property definition, not all occurances

    • docker/base/Dockerfile (version bf421a0cca7d9068e45d2c6e42c4fddd4245b1fb)
    • docker/minion/scripts/ (version bf421a0cca7d9068e45d2c6e42c4fddd4245b1fb)
    • docker/sentinel/scripts/ (version bf421a0cca7d9068e45d2c6e42c4fddd4245b1fb)