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master 7b02ac85913d616dc80493ae6136c64f92aa0d4b
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from-foundation 71a2e47771f1f3364140be7d4963e7fe92be0361 71a2e47771f1f3364140be7d4963e7fe92be0361
master b17e72169f84edbf591a952a8182f6b019954eb3 b17e72169f84edbf591a952a8182f6b019954eb3

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Jesse White Jesse White 71a2e47771f1f3364140be7d4963e7fe92be0361 71a2e47771f1f3364140be7d4963e7fe92be0361 Merge pull request #2432 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-10622
NMS-10622: Backport SNMP successor validation
Jesse White Jesse White ca7c21965267354d86610f7e2b7103cef361fb0a ca7c21965267354d86610f7e2b7103cef361fb0a NMS-10622: Adjust the patch for NMS-10621 to work in foundation-2015.
Jesse White Jesse White 32e769c4a85db2ce56b1a38d722230580c28623b 32e769c4a85db2ce56b1a38d722230580c28623b NMS-10621: Fix infinite request/response loop in SNMP tracking code for *bad* agents.
Verify that the response VBs are in fact successors to the requested
VBs are stop processing if they are not.
Author Commit Message Commit date
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 088d710674109759251f42c6720d74ea80cf3f13 088d710674109759251f42c6720d74ea80cf3f13 just prune=all, not aggressive
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Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 0a62053bc90f6ffcce1e17256674b2dae7b4f8a3 0a62053bc90f6ffcce1e17256674b2dae7b4f8a3 make the fork count 1 for now :(

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Unknown Issue TypeNMS-10621Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeNMS-10622Could not obtain issue details from Jira

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