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Powered By OpenNMS 2015

  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 4bd314f1db0e7f70523a43610f47205032bae0bb

    POW-4: update README to indicate a Powered By repo

    • (version 4bd314f1db0e7f70523a43610f47205032bae0bb)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 8ca6a09b43f0b2381bfeacb4ee675cda2d34edbf

    update poweredby doc to match reality

    • opennms-doc/guide-development/src/asciidoc/text/poweredby.adoc (version 8ca6a09b43f0b2381bfeacb4ee675cda2d34edbf)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed ff8174912b38b80c4cac6110835b9ee9c92ace8b

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'poweredby-2015/from-foundation' into poweredby-2015-master

  • Pierre Bouffard <>

    Pierre Bouffard <> e161ecf3abd4475ab62fe7700881e0c0105f7c28 m

    Update maven central URL (#2872)
    Combination of work from 'bouff' and 'RangerRick' to get branch 'foundation' building again...

    * Updating Maven central URL from HTTP to HTTPS (since use of HTTP has been deprecated by Sonatype).

    * An attempt to ensure secure (https) maven central is used...

    * Fix maven central dependencies for branch 'foundation'.

    * Fix for protocol error when Maven resolves artifacts (specific to Java 1.7)

    * make it possible to test nsis on mac

    * add default mirror to override central with HTTPS

    * fix dnsjava resolution

    * use newer features-maven-plugin to fix central resolution

    * fix pom reformat

    Co-authored-by: Benjamin Reed <>

    • bin/ (version e161ecf3abd4475ab62fe7700881e0c0105f7c28)
    • dependencies/dnsjava/pom.xml (version e161ecf3abd4475ab62fe7700881e0c0105f7c28)
    • maven/conf/settings.xml (version e161ecf3abd4475ab62fe7700881e0c0105f7c28)
    • opennms-assemblies/remote-poller-nsis/pom.xml (version e161ecf3abd4475ab62fe7700881e0c0105f7c28)
    • pom.xml (version e161ecf3abd4475ab62fe7700881e0c0105f7c28)


  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 92d264f2cd6bf0f7a61e127206cf036cec87ea2c

    better fail message

    • script/ (version 92d264f2cd6bf0f7a61e127206cf036cec87ea2c)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed b13e1b7407ea64cdee9771b6c1c75e442e2dc672

    rename BRANCH_ROOT to be more useful, uri-escape branch names

    • script/ (version b13e1b7407ea64cdee9771b6c1c75e442e2dc672)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 3aed32f9b279b31eb9f785d768f372166c34583b

    script to download branch artifacts from CircleCI

    • MANIFEST (version 3aed32f9b279b31eb9f785d768f372166c34583b)
    • Makefile.PL (version 3aed32f9b279b31eb9f785d768f372166c34583b)
    • script/ (version 3aed32f9b279b31eb9f785d768f372166c34583b)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 7eb59266d58a6e706f09bffa6484a70bf8382533

    add some more bounds-checking on failed downloads or missing packages

    • script/ (version 7eb59266d58a6e706f09bffa6484a70bf8382533)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 588d34a2277cbac25773db8a37fb16a6f4489299

    do this the gross way to make sure it works :/

    • script/ (version 588d34a2277cbac25773db8a37fb16a6f4489299)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed da06c320ae1fc863498eb07b07930a3ed6d7872a

    minimize debian docker size

    • script/ (version da06c320ae1fc863498eb07b07930a3ed6d7872a)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 40bc9d3c3c011e507f944ddfa526179745eac0da

    remove trailing period

    • script/ (version 40bc9d3c3c011e507f944ddfa526179745eac0da)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 317b25aaff0c1390f1f5e2c5813ecb05ba7683a9

    truncate buildname if it is too long

    • script/ (version 317b25aaff0c1390f1f5e2c5813ecb05ba7683a9)