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Jesse White Jesse White e08a0886ea321ee77ed55c0715254f2b6998bfce e08a0886ea321ee77ed55c0715254f2b6998bfce Merge pull request #2808 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-12367
NMS-12367: Upgrade Drools to 7.29.0 to fix upstream bug (f18)
Jesse White Jesse White 468b3778e4b7efbb827f33e5dffe3893b69036b1 m 468b3778e4b7efbb827f33e5dffe3893b69036b1 NMS-12367: Upgrade Drools to 7.29.0 (latest)
* Upgrade protobof from 2 to 3
* Add unit testing to verify we can still decode proto2 payloads
Will Keaney <> Will Keaney <> e8a9f17a12281d4de7658f2336397bfed50dd7ff m e8a9f17a12281d4de7658f2336397bfed50dd7ff NMS-12367: Update Drools dependency to 7.8.0
The 'From with modify fires unexpected rule' bug appears to be fixed in Drools 7.8.0.
Comparing 'mvn dependency:list' does not indicate any transitive dependency impact.
Will Keaney <> Will Keaney <> 1439ecd3cd7969058baabaf3b2ad3fe0d16e326b m 1439ecd3cd7969058baabaf3b2ad3fe0d16e326b NMS-12367: Update Drools to 7.18.0, add unit test
Drools 7.18.0 is the earliest version that fixes this bug.
The unit test creates an engine with 3 rules:
  - Two that use 'from' constraints in their LHS and perform 'modify'
    operations in their RHS. The modify call in each rule should
    prevent any of the others from firing.
  - One that puts the property constraints in the initial fact constraint.
The test then inserts a fact that can activate all of the rules,
and checks that it was only modified by the first rule.

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