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Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 7e1ee4cf4cd1c85de3389994c40d681ced5bd4e3 7e1ee4cf4cd1c85de3389994c40d681ced5bd4e3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/foundation-2016' into foundation-2017
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed c49572d8cc6e3d5fbcc51b61b042706a3b8ac795 m c49572d8cc6e3d5fbcc51b61b042706a3b8ac795 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/foundation' into foundation-2016
Pierre Bouffard <> Pierre Bouffard <> e161ecf3abd4475ab62fe7700881e0c0105f7c28 m e161ecf3abd4475ab62fe7700881e0c0105f7c28 Update maven central URL (#2872)
Combination of work from 'bouff' and 'RangerRick' to get branch 'foundation' building again...

* Updating Maven central URL from HTTP to HTTPS (since use of HTTP has been deprecated by Sonatype).

* An attempt to ensure secure (https) maven central is used...

* Fix maven central dependencies for branch 'foundation'.

* Fix for protocol error when Maven resolves artifacts (specific to Java 1.7)

* make it possible to test nsis on mac

* add default mirror to override central with HTTPS

* fix dnsjava resolution

* use newer features-maven-plugin to fix central resolution

* fix pom reformat

Co-authored-by: Benjamin Reed <>