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Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed a494d799b6aac0282f4a54362363b5819ac25562 a494d799b6aac0282f4a54362363b5819ac25562 Merge pull request #1988 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-10153
NMS-10153: Backport intermittent SNMPv3 failures
Chandra Gorantla <> Chandra Gorantla <> 652463d026f69273bf611ffb5cb7399b57f0e3a7 652463d026f69273bf611ffb5cb7399b57f0e3a7 nms-10153: Add SnmpV3 Integration test specific to foundation-2016 release
Chandra Gorantla <> Chandra Gorantla <> 9836003b08bcb3bfca6064be069c63b0761385d9 9836003b08bcb3bfca6064be069c63b0761385d9 nms-10009: remove blueprint file
Chandra Gorantla <> Chandra Gorantla <> e7211c457453a15e974d03fec7fa30fde19d46e9 e7211c457453a15e974d03fec7fa30fde19d46e9 nms-10009: Fix tests and add smoke-test
Chandra Gorantla <> Chandra Gorantla <> 68e8f185b44cb284befa138f269a6d175f49525b 68e8f185b44cb284befa138f269a6d175f49525b nms-10009: Use classBasedStrategy always when it can be instantiable
There are two instances of Snmp4JStrategy, one default and other from osgi service.
Second instance is replacing USM from  SecurityModels.getInstance() which is causing users to be removed.
Although default and osgi should have different classes for SecurityModels.getInstance() sometimes they are same instance.
To solve this, we always instantiate classBasedStrategy on OpenNMS and don't register OSGI instance.
When classBasedStrategy is not instatiable (on Minion) we use instance from OSGI service registry.

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