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OpenNMS (develop branch)
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Jesse White Jesse White 1ad2cb5498c3bb46fc203f034d0596eee8f206bc 1ad2cb5498c3bb46fc203f034d0596eee8f206bc Merge pull request #2240 from UberPinguin/foundation-2018
NMS-10454: Update EIF Adapter To Support Additional Protocol Version
Will Keaney <> Will Keaney <> fb54e861c64e5e15608ed1de0bdda6b5a26e278a m fb54e861c64e5e15608ed1de0bdda6b5a26e278a NMS-10454: Allow DNS resolution for 'localhost' to fail in unit tests.
Add a new node with label '', so that if 'localhost' fails to
resolve, a node can still be found by label.
Change the assertion in testCanConnectEifEventToNodeWithHostname to
allow either node 2 or node 4 to succeed.
Will Keaney <> Will Keaney <> 96f000113527af3f4dcf5aef53a4f86f63ed1cb4 m 96f000113527af3f4dcf5aef53a4f86f63ed1cb4 NMS-10454: Set decoder charset to UTF-8
Will Keaney <> Will Keaney <> b7b29407c91a991bf7a8dfeb80c785f4ac762040 m b7b29407c91a991bf7a8dfeb80c785f4ac762040 NMS-10454: Improve unit test, and additional debugging
Set the charset to UTF-8 when reading the packet capture for the 36-byte
offset test.
Compare the individual bytes of the identifier addresses, instead of the
2-byte strings to which they decode.
Use org.xbill.DNS.Address when resolving the hostname on an event. Works
around DNS issues on Windows hosts when resolving 'localhost'.
Add some debug statements around the hostname resolution process.
Will Keaney <> Will Keaney <> c89892ff94e4560c85c4f8e2a409f55be1973530 m c89892ff94e4560c85c4f8e2a409f55be1973530 NMS-10454: Update EIF Adapter To Support Additional Protocol Version
Compare the 2-byte value at offset 30 from <START>> with the 2-byte value
at offset 34. If they are equal, assume the event body begins at
offset 36 from <START>>.
Otherwise, assume the event body begins at offset 37 from <START>>.

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