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Build: #1658 failed

Job: Debian Package Deploy (Local) failed

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84 minutes
Fixed in
#1659 (Rebuilt by Jesse White)
No failed test found. A possible compilation error occurred.

Error summary

The build generated some errors. See the full build log for more details.

Running '' with an exclusive lock for up to 3600 seconds.
WARNING: unmatched file: opennms-build-hash.txt
WARNING: unmatched file: opennms-build-repo.txt
WARNING: unmatched file: opennms-build-version.txt
WARNING: unmatched file: opennms-build-branch.txt
not sure how to determine release and platform for /mnt/repo-debian/freeipa/dists/jessie-backports at /usr/local/bin/ line 63.
dpkg-deb: warning: parsing file '/tmp/dpkg-deb.0w3HBV/control' near line 16 package 'elasticsearch-drift-plugin':
missing maintainer
Force Stop build feature is enabled for current plan. Either Bamboo has detected the build has hung or it has been manually stopped.
Failed to update repository:  at /usr/local/bin/ line 113.
Failed to run --aptdir /mnt/repo-debian: No such file or directory
rsync error: received SIGINT, SIGTERM, or SIGHUP (code 20) at rsync.c(644) [sender=3.1.2]
rsync error: received SIGINT, SIGTERM, or SIGHUP (code 20) at io.c(513) [generator=3.1.2]
Received SIGTERM