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62bf6c1ad9c9925c3debf6731095a06cf6a07e83 62bf6c1ad9c9925c3debf6731095a06cf6a07e83
OpenNMS Installer
da12784d9ab4ba4aacedec0283d0c04075fd6ebf da12784d9ab4ba4aacedec0283d0c04075fd6ebf
40bc9d3c3c011e507f944ddfa526179745eac0da 40bc9d3c3c011e507f944ddfa526179745eac0da
Smoke Tests
cb1e72265cf2ce10cb4872f58120272b340a1ce1 cb1e72265cf2ce10cb4872f58120272b340a1ce1
OpenNMS Bamboo Utils
8317f19cdbcc21a78e8e0af5eb8554ffc33e8591 8317f19cdbcc21a78e8e0af5eb8554ffc33e8591
OpenNMS System Test API
443c507e74f4f2648afc4f819e7afa1276f71e3e 443c507e74f4f2648afc4f819e7afa1276f71e3e

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Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 62bf6c1ad9c9925c3debf6731095a06cf6a07e83 62bf6c1ad9c9925c3debf6731095a06cf6a07e83 fix link asciidoc escaping
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 45241f93d85b85a4ad7c5c0d0a0128607425360d 45241f93d85b85a4ad7c5c0d0a0128607425360d OpenNMS Horizon 25.1.0
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 4d6c6107cbc69a4b8606c9ef26f09b7742708201 4d6c6107cbc69a4b8606c9ef26f09b7742708201 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/foundation-2019' into release-25.1.0
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 20b47c58f8d17b11d67c289b45523eb306a4acc0 m 20b47c58f8d17b11d67c289b45523eb306a4acc0 Merge pull request #2800 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-12360-Part2
Fix for Bug NMS-12360 - Part II
Alejandro Galue Alejandro Galue a41930de8afe12bb3051f71e50b98e55dc5299e6 m a41930de8afe12bb3051f71e50b98e55dc5299e6 Fix for Bug NMS-12360 - Part II
When requesting the requisition statistics for a given requisition,
the end-point will return an error if the requisition doesn't exist.
That is not the case when requesting all the stats, as that would
return an empty array.

Because the requisition must be updated with the statistics only when
they are available, the code was slightly modified to silently fail
when there are errors retrieving the stats, meaning the code can
continue with the requisition it already has preventing side effects.

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