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bce569e822a79ebcba2b387acc4a4563a81c7db1 bce569e822a79ebcba2b387acc4a4563a81c7db1
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da12784d9ab4ba4aacedec0283d0c04075fd6ebf da12784d9ab4ba4aacedec0283d0c04075fd6ebf
088d710674109759251f42c6720d74ea80cf3f13 088d710674109759251f42c6720d74ea80cf3f13
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cb1e72265cf2ce10cb4872f58120272b340a1ce1 cb1e72265cf2ce10cb4872f58120272b340a1ce1
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0a62053bc90f6ffcce1e17256674b2dae7b4f8a3 0a62053bc90f6ffcce1e17256674b2dae7b4f8a3
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2f3a985377db43ce9b451390b9744bac402ffbd7 2f3a985377db43ce9b451390b9744bac402ffbd7
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OpenNMS (develop branch)
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Jesse White Jesse White bce569e822a79ebcba2b387acc4a4563a81c7db1 bce569e822a79ebcba2b387acc4a4563a81c7db1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-24.0.0' into develop
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 71b46fbb906c62863cb8ce2bbc1921298bd13649 m 71b46fbb906c62863cb8ce2bbc1921298bd13649 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2018:2bae3f3d8445e44b87faac3c824eedfbbd09f379)
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 2bae3f3d8445e44b87faac3c824eedfbbd09f379 m 2bae3f3d8445e44b87faac3c824eedfbbd09f379 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2017:0d26e71149df00ffcc6191518ff1542e2991d8bb)
DavidSmith <> DavidSmith <> e39f78e9ae47d61c9bfa785add158df413599c6c m e39f78e9ae47d61c9bfa785add158df413599c6c HZN-1492: Support for SituationFeedback (#2417)
RootCause and Tags

commit e775898960cd3461c5dcb1f83b4309d6e6b7146d
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Mon Apr 8 17:43:45 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: qualify POST endpoint

commit 88acfb1158afba87f8d4301774f50e0f4f07eb2e
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Mon Apr 8 09:57:00 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: fix last commit

commit 92227ed24cc6f0999d841eb1ec42c39bbe25d712
Author: Matthew Brooks <>
Date:   Fri Apr 5 14:21:28 2019 -0400

    Update features/situation-feedback/api/src/main/java/org/opennms/features/situationfeedback/api/

commit 4afab02030c4bcee6e2be4b4caad9f04f0267045
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Wed Apr 3 21:09:27 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: renamed root cause builder. added simple test

commit cc57efddd94911dfa6aa9aeffe102aac3d98c7f9
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Tue Apr 2 14:22:29 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: review feedback

commit 214eda11087704bec1d818845c7f0254a952e895
Author: Matthew Brooks <>
Date:   Tue Apr 2 11:46:43 2019 -0400

    Update features/situation-feedback/api/src/main/java/org/opennms/features/situationfeedback/api/

    Co-Authored-By: smith-opennms <>

commit de76dba343f3e195d5e9ec96ee37032a21fbc4ba
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Tue Apr 2 11:24:18 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: Refactor Elastic Health Check

commit cfea5ed41e1b6542ad0781ed2311298d61ca3e14
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Mon Apr 1 12:23:44 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: Rest Enpoint naming

commit 252999a4eba29623d34b7dc89a1cfc93e27394b3
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Mon Apr 1 12:02:53 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: Code cleanup

commit 72c8d45bf63ca5fdbb2b8f55404617aa0d0dadcf
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Mon Apr 1 11:51:14 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: Adding healthCheck support to Feedback Elastic feature

commit ff8ce7a95eb10f1ddc7166bbc62ed9fc6dbdf8b5
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Fri Mar 29 17:15:24 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: reading and writing root_cause and tags

commit 807ac8f775c7d457b42835ed49a0ecb13dd3c0a5
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Fri Mar 29 14:11:50 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: Storing and retrieving rootCause and tags

commit 39af24bc29dc70432cf36bcd014f27ea537e92bc
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Wed Mar 27 17:50:26 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: Situation Feedback rootCause, tags, createSituation

commit d52ee75c8c862c68ce2abaf4f48abf52fd83441a
Author: David Smith <>
Date:   Tue Mar 26 17:39:56 2019 -0400

    HZN-1492: Add Roo Cause to Situation Feedback
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 0d26e71149df00ffcc6191518ff1542e2991d8bb m 0d26e71149df00ffcc6191518ff1542e2991d8bb [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2016:a84f34ab1ded3323934839a2a27b25d6030459ae)


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