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44e4964b6e6ea6d9638db9f4e3f641c83a2aacbf 44e4964b6e6ea6d9638db9f4e3f641c83a2aacbf
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da12784d9ab4ba4aacedec0283d0c04075fd6ebf da12784d9ab4ba4aacedec0283d0c04075fd6ebf
088d710674109759251f42c6720d74ea80cf3f13 088d710674109759251f42c6720d74ea80cf3f13
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OpenNMS (develop branch)
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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 44e4964b6e6ea6d9638db9f4e3f641c83a2aacbf 44e4964b6e6ea6d9638db9f4e3f641c83a2aacbf [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-24.0.0:ab040ceb85925ed5f775ee9d70c4670c72c53641)
Jesse White Jesse White ab040ceb85925ed5f775ee9d70c4670c72c53641 m ab040ceb85925ed5f775ee9d70c4670c72c53641 Merge pull request #2400 from OpenNMS/jira/HZN-1455
HZN-1455: Update startup script to support bootstrapping with Java 9
Jesse White Jesse White c5b95d410127f90921c489158dc7e612de5ce124 m c5b95d410127f90921c489158dc7e612de5ce124 HZN-1455: Fix NS for provisiond configuration.
Jesse White Jesse White 19a64053cd6293edcb57c38db2b676dcc514734f m 19a64053cd6293edcb57c38db2b676dcc514734f HZN-1455: Ignore stderr output when grabbing the Java version.
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed ff13478ca127c1814d4f5d85e8eb3f441645dfc9 m ff13478ca127c1814d4f5d85e8eb3f441645dfc9 HZN-1455: initial attempt at support for running under Java 9
This commit requires the changes made in `jira/NMS-10518`, which
make it easier to manipulate the command-line options.

* conditionally apply `-Djava.endorsed.dirs=` to Java 8 only
* use `--add-modules=` on the command-line on Java 9+; the list
  of modules comes with a run of `jdeps` over the jars in a built
  OpenNMS install
* add `$OPENNMS_HOME/lib/endorsed` to the regular classpath in
  org.opennms.bootstrap.Bootstrap so that we can leave that
  directory for Java 8 backwards-compatibility

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Unknown Issue TypeNMS-10518Could not obtain issue details from Jira