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DavidSmith <> DavidSmith <> b09764de9315d547f49619b14e19694e4fc7a823 b09764de9315d547f49619b14e19694e4fc7a823 HZN-1403: Propagate Acknowledgments (#2200)
* HZN-1403: First 2 of 4 rules for managing inferred Acknowledgements

* More rules and tests for Acknowledgements plus Acknowledgment Facts

* HZN-1403: Acknowledgement Facts. Drools rules updates

* HZN-1403: All tests now run

* HZN-1403: remove test.log

* HZN-1403: remove ./src/test/resources/log4j2.xml

* HZN-1403: Correct id -> time in 2 rules. Add placeholder assertion for alarmsUnAck uintTest

* HZN-1403: update rule to stop propagation of NAK beyond Situation

* HZN-1403: Set mock AcknowledgementDao to fix DroolsAlarmContextIT

* HZN-1403: Fix possible issue when unacknowledging or adding an Alarm

* HZN-1403: minor bug fixes
Ronny Trommer Ronny Trommer 92106bfac8a20afec04ec74e4302e4509f51c6a3 92106bfac8a20afec04ec74e4302e4509f51c6a3 Merge pull request #2198 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-10418
NMS-10418: Create views for SQL based reporting
Ronny Trommer Ronny Trommer 63c4c51491974a22c54830aacc1910b5ea551123 63c4c51491974a22c54830aacc1910b5ea551123 NMS-10418: Add views to create.sql
Ronny Trommer Ronny Trommer a5908d76ce3c5b80cae30ac6ea63c6b9677fe09b a5908d76ce3c5b80cae30ac6ea63c6b9677fe09b NMS-10418: Add a test which verifies the views with the most important colums exist
Ronny Trommer Ronny Trommer d737d356fbf9104a4f8398def9975ef2db98141b d737d356fbf9104a4f8398def9975ef2db98141b NMS-10418: Create views for SQL based reporting
Created four view to simplify SQL based reporting which also denormalise the data:

* node_categories: Nodes with categories
* node_alarms: Alarm status from nodes and allow filtering on categories
* node_outages: Outages of nodes and allow filtering on categories
* node_ip_services: Denormalise Nodes and IP services


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