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  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed ed1abc7a72d8b9a56800c3060fa74601d45a4248

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-23.0.3' into develop

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    Bamboo Administrator f8c91d6ef1619609696065df26672c87c3a62d54 m

    [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2018:a7052d07a9640698a3dd1fa17254b810fbd4cf80)

  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed a7052d07a9640698a3dd1fa17254b810fbd4cf80 m

    NMS-10548: fix year-inferring when not provided in a syslog message
    Some syslog formats don't include the year.  When these messages are
    parsed, they should be set to the current year, unless that would
    make the message appear to occur in the future.  In that case it
    should instead set it to the previous year.

    • features/events/syslog/src/main/java/org/opennms/netmgt/syslogd/ (version a7052d07a9640698a3dd1fa17254b810fbd4cf80)
    • features/events/syslog/src/main/java/org/opennms/netmgt/syslogd/ (version a7052d07a9640698a3dd1fa17254b810fbd4cf80)
    • features/events/syslog/src/main/java/org/opennms/netmgt/syslogd/ (version a7052d07a9640698a3dd1fa17254b810fbd4cf80)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 81149e336c7ae3aed486dca92099f963eac4f4a9 m

    fix the syslog parser to actually handle dates without years properly

    • features/events/syslog/src/main/java/org/opennms/netmgt/syslogd/ (version 81149e336c7ae3aed486dca92099f963eac4f4a9)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 7ae8907eb2a27c42286a55b1fbfcf4b1a2eb4ebc m

    Merge pull request #2336 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-10506
    NMS-10506: Optimize default event query on node page

  • Jesse White

    Jesse White 7b429d1522c3156d867fb6e8516f6bc240e6cea9 m

    NMS-10506: Include the eventtime in the ORDER BY clause to help the query planner.
    Add an IT that validates the list of returned events.

    With these changes, the query for the events on the node page now loads in 0.5 milliseconds
    instead of 6 seconds on a database with 16 million+ events.

    • opennms-webapp/src/main/java/org/opennms/web/event/ (version 7b429d1522c3156d867fb6e8516f6bc240e6cea9)
    • opennms-webapp/src/test/java/org/opennms/web/event/ (version 7b429d1522c3156d867fb6e8516f6bc240e6cea9)