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  • Bamboo Administrator

    Bamboo Administrator b5f8d201605c53901b8a4c5a5d41041b899e1b3d

    [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-24.0.0:e785312b7fce77ad4e24bb91c781fa5ed3833d05)

  • Jesse White

    Jesse White e785312b7fce77ad4e24bb91c781fa5ed3833d05 m

    Merge pull request #2388 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-10603
    Fix ack event: supporting ackAction

  • Antonio Russo

    Antonio Russo 6935263c807bc499f9f0ddf924dc6225c2e011f7 m

    NMS-10603: fix ackd event
    Supporting user parameter

    • opennms-model/src/main/java/org/opennms/netmgt/model/ (version 6935263c807bc499f9f0ddf924dc6225c2e011f7)
  • Antonio Russo

    Antonio Russo ed28fc279018052dd477090d9f58c5816fc22aa0 m

    NMS-10603: Fix ackd events
    Added test for ack using notif

    • opennms-ackd/src/test/java/org/opennms/netmgt/ackd/ (version ed28fc279018052dd477090d9f58c5816fc22aa0)
  • Antonio Russo

    Antonio Russo 7aa35772eae52074af8b3bf92a7216e86397bba2 m

    NMS-10603: fix ack events
    Fixed test for acknoldge
    Added two tests for clear and escalate

    • opennms-ackd/src/test/java/org/opennms/netmgt/ackd/ (version 7aa35772eae52074af8b3bf92a7216e86397bba2)
  • Antonio Russo

    Antonio Russo 5b339bec5c995aee6c7e38ef1e24faf498c6bb81 m

    Fix parm name to be ackUser as specified into event definition

    • opennms-model/src/main/java/org/opennms/netmgt/model/ (version 5b339bec5c995aee6c7e38ef1e24faf498c6bb81)
  • Antonio Russo

    Antonio Russo 6a68ac0f162f8aba91ce8dcf6e18baa61921e969 m

    NMS-10603: fix ackd event
    supporting any ack action event

    • opennms-model/src/main/java/org/opennms/netmgt/model/ (version 6a68ac0f162f8aba91ce8dcf6e18baa61921e969)