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  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 62b5a950819f016962a1e2136aabfa6af23d027b

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop'

  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 3208fcdefb5e42942f9c698fb4d7fa7bbbc8093a m

    build(webpack): remove dist files in develop
    These only need to be committed in `master` or accessed during
    local builds.

    • .gitignore (version 3208fcdefb5e42942f9c698fb4d7fa7bbbc8093a)
    • dist/.empty (version 3208fcdefb5e42942f9c698fb4d7fa7bbbc8093a)
    • dist/opennms.js (version 3208fcdefb5e42942f9c698fb4d7fa7bbbc8093a)
    • dist/ (version 3208fcdefb5e42942f9c698fb4d7fa7bbbc8093a)
    • dist/opennms.min.js (version 3208fcdefb5e42942f9c698fb4d7fa7bbbc8093a)
    • dist/ (version 3208fcdefb5e42942f9c698fb4d7fa7bbbc8093a)
  • Benjamin Reed

    Benjamin Reed 705cdff115eb17d499aacd010923feba9e68cef7 m

    build(webpack): fix generation of un-minified build

    • webpack.config.js (version 705cdff115eb17d499aacd010923feba9e68cef7)