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315ae68bc49376a99db545107f6123fac4b30865 315ae68bc49376a99db545107f6123fac4b30865
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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 315ae68bc49376a99db545107f6123fac4b30865 315ae68bc49376a99db545107f6123fac4b30865 build(dist): generate dist and changelog from latest source
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 3d173c8cd6e9a2849ac501e71a58a25fb53a2856 3d173c8cd6e9a2849ac501e71a58a25fb53a2856 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop'
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 138ddfce5e474d793ba72a2f70cc0584a09bf7f7 m 138ddfce5e474d793ba72a2f70cc0584a09bf7f7 test(): make the tests less chatty
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 00b3e1b2bc938b3da3e5be6659527f972f2cfd96 m 00b3e1b2bc938b3da3e5be6659527f972f2cfd96 fix(log): bump logging of missing count down to DEBUG
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed d65f28218260eb0c16af7fe5143d4b4b9da6eb35 m d65f28218260eb0c16af7fe5143d4b4b9da6eb35 refactor(client): rename to match other classes

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