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8c43d99877d37337b6768887076e4c75af235aab 8c43d99877d37337b6768887076e4c75af235aab
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OpenNMS (develop branch)
Author Commit Message Commit date
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 8c43d99877d37337b6768887076e4c75af235aab 8c43d99877d37337b6768887076e4c75af235aab [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-22.0.2:96e9c2ceb65226d2987f2510d9e220af696cd558)
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 96e9c2ceb65226d2987f2510d9e220af696cd558 m 96e9c2ceb65226d2987f2510d9e220af696cd558 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2018:ccb1040295c5c595b6e00c38da5ef1c922262517)
Jesse White Jesse White cd770f7e94d9645a65e1b54e7378c1e43730a8ad cd770f7e94d9645a65e1b54e7378c1e43730a8ad Merge pull request #2058 from OpenNMS/smith/HZN-1350
HZN-1350: Intercept and handle requests for Alarm.isSituation
David Smith <> David Smith <> 8d16b75d7943e225a80e2758b22415bf680ac001 8d16b75d7943e225a80e2758b22415bf680ac001 HZN-1350: Clean up bad exception text
Antonio Russo Antonio Russo ccb1040295c5c595b6e00c38da5ef1c922262517 m ccb1040295c5c595b6e00c38da5ef1c922262517 NMS-8295: Bridge topology is wrong on nodelink.jsp (#2035)
* NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Reworked page layout
Reworked Factory
Added a common layout for Links
Updated EnlinkdConf with max_bft 100 as default

* NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Reworked BridgeElement n node page
Fixed ipaddress list in Enlinkd ElementFactory
Better getStringId method to proper display information
Added global info for CDP, OSPF, LLDP and ISIS in linkednode.jsp

NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Fixed node.jsp layout for bridge
Fixed typos in enlinkdelementfactory
Fixed bridge layout in linkednode.jsp

* NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Layout for node.jsp improved

* NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Fixed NPE, check the bridgelement is not null

* NMS-8295: Fix nodelink.jsp

Check whether lldplinktype is not null

* NMS-8295: Fix linkednode.jsp

Fix NPW. Check lldpelement is not null

* NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

linknode.jsp better layout

* NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

Added a test to check waht is wrong in EnlinkNetworkEementFactory
Refactored the getBridgeLinks

* NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

Fixed getHostNodeSharedSegment
Added test for code in EnlinkdElementFactory

NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

 Fixed enlinkd/EnLinkdElementFactory.getBridgeLinks
 removed a dead code preventing the method to work
 with host nodes
 Improved test
 Added lambda expresion where possible

* NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

No table reformatting for node.jsp
using the previuos table format

NMS-8295: fixed linknode.jsp

Using collect in lambda expression
to generate ArrayList

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