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OpenNMS (develop branch)
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Chandra Gorantla <> Chandra Gorantla <> 818f52080a2fb2d3431fb98bf65bb49ee045650e 818f52080a2fb2d3431fb98bf65bb49ee045650e NMS-12479: Remove module name from Kafka RPC topic names. (#2874)
* NMS-12479: Remove module from kafka rpc topics

Remove the need for module name in topic names.
Include topic name in proto message.
Also upgrade kafka-rpc.proto to proto3.
Re-generate proto source files.
Use kafka specific topic name generation

* NMS-12479: Handle unmarshalling and execution in separate thread

As all the requests are handled with one consumer thread, unmarshalling
and execution are handled in a separate thread.
Note that execution may still happen in completely different thread.

* NMS-12479: Move subscribe before looping

* NMS-12479: Make it configurable to use single topic for all modules

By default, each module has it's own topic.

* NMS-12479: Use one consumer on OpenNMS as before

* Review of Using Single Topic documentation (#2881)

Co-authored-by: Bonrob2 <>
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed bc407255432cec4862fec6549543651fb1246c11 bc407255432cec4862fec6549543651fb1246c11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-25.2.1' into develop
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 9ebd792391b54533f436efa7a9b119cfb83dcbf4 m 9ebd792391b54533f436efa7a9b119cfb83dcbf4 25.2.0 -> 25.2.1-SNAPSHOT
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 421ae8326efd307bb6932530fcbb716b1875f134 m 421ae8326efd307bb6932530fcbb716b1875f134 OpenNMS Horizon 25.2.0
Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed 92efa9338d052e7429e2358d14b038c806b0178a m 92efa9338d052e7429e2358d14b038c806b0178a 25.1.3-SNAPSHOT -> 25.2.0-SNAPSHOT

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