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OpenNMS (develop branch)
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Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator d807df7749f7f1fbec8daf908751b4a0e5471355 d807df7749f7f1fbec8daf908751b4a0e5471355 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from release-25.1.1:7187fae380dd35e9d3e990f8ddec52ee0febb542)
Bamboo Administrator Bamboo Administrator 7187fae380dd35e9d3e990f8ddec52ee0febb542 m 7187fae380dd35e9d3e990f8ddec52ee0febb542 [bamboo] Automated branch merge (from foundation-2019:2c71eac0f35d79741f638dcc1da0a220663880b9)
Jesse White Jesse White 2c71eac0f35d79741f638dcc1da0a220663880b9 m 2c71eac0f35d79741f638dcc1da0a220663880b9 Merge pull request #2831 from OpenNMS/jw/more-alarms
NMS-12412: Fix a number of problems with Drools in alarmd
Chandra Gorantla <> Chandra Gorantla <> 8226ae5764c28cd9a101125e0cedd11e67dae771 m 8226ae5764c28cd9a101125e0cedd11e67dae771 NMS-12396: Handle SNMP profiles by default in NodeScan (#2824)
* NMS-12399: Add more exception checks for snmp errors

* NMS-12396: NodeScan should process snmp profiles by default

Even when SNMP service is not detected, try to get agent config
from profiles in order to scan the node for SNMP interfaces.

* NMS-12396: Add test for scanning node without SNMP service
Jesse White Jesse White f2dac7534694af5f352a635ba96854ef38661747 m f2dac7534694af5f352a635ba96854ef38661747 NMS-12412: Fix a number of problems with Drools in alarmd
* Fix flapping between clear & unclear rules
* Limit # of queued actions - help prevent OOM
* Only add alarm facts to the Drools session once the related transacation has been succesfully flushed
  * This fixes flapping tests and intermittent errors related to inconsistent database states
* Fix exception handling in fire thread

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