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Benjamin Reed Benjamin Reed ab082478128e99cf7f5f25ee695ff0c13ac6b3ed ab082478128e99cf7f5f25ee695ff0c13ac6b3ed Merge pull request #3 from OpenNMS/jira/NMS-9343
NMS-9343: Fix Jersey REST apps running in Karaf 4
Seth Leger Seth Leger da0cf4662b691a763bdb3ced989dd513d9fc6acc da0cf4662b691a763bdb3ced989dd513d9fc6acc Bumped version to 1.0.4.
Seth Leger Seth Leger 511eb68ccded44152355ea8a0230ff848f36de78 511eb68ccded44152355ea8a0230ff848f36de78 NMS-9343: Switched projects to use filtered XMLs for feature files instead of using the features-maven-plugin. Added dependency and start-level overrides for Jersey bundles so that they start before the REST services.
Seth Leger Seth Leger 50473539c0b2c62e30bea3ceba5c312c906b26ca 50473539c0b2c62e30bea3ceba5c312c906b26ca Cleaned up blueprint namespaces and made the blueprints more consistent.
Seth Leger Seth Leger 76a4fd4ecffa4f100f431cb96b9faf30eff7a8d6 76a4fd4ecffa4f100f431cb96b9faf30eff7a8d6 Made application startup and shutdown messages consistent for easier debugging.

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